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“She (Taylor) described it (haylor) like trying to build a fire out of two twigs and everyone is yelling at the fire “i hate your fire” and blowing out the sparks.” — twirlersleft  (via hellagoodhaylor)

Shae’s Birthday Goal!


Okay I know this is a stretch beyond compare but my 22nd birthday is October 8th and I wanna reach my next thousand by then only problem is…I’m 500 away from it lmao! But if you guys could squad up and help me reach it I would be over the moon with joy. Just reblog this and you would be giving me the best birthday present :)

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sam pepper made a video of him sexually assaulting women as a fucking prank ( and it’s absolutely disgusting. let’s signal boost this shit and make sure this dude feels the consequences for his scumbag actions


Liam strikes back after Harry threw water on him. x


Dear iphone, what the actual fuck



IHeart Radio 2013 -> IHeart Radio 2014

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Artist: Unknown One Direction
Title: UnknownStory of My Life
Album: Unknown


pour up (1d) head shot (1d) sit down (1d) stand up (1d) pass out (1d) wake up (1d) faded (1d)

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